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Re: Do you compost?

SonomaEddie wrote:

Yes, and it's one of the best decisions we've ever made.  We started when we first moved here and someone got us a composting box for a housewarming gift.
When we had chickens, that compost sung! smile

I so agree with the chickens, they make the compost amazing.  As soon as we put compost on our plants they were almost double in size in a couple of days.  We don't have a traditional compost, but we have its works.  I love it and recommend it to everyone who gardens.  If you can't make your own try to buy some, its wonderful. thumbsup

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Re: Do you compost?

Hello..Everyone...I found some good tumbling composters if you want to know let me know

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Re: Do you compost?

I now have one empty composter as the contents were spread out on the garden a few weeks ago , I was pretty impressed with what came out f the composter it looked like it was really good quality , and apart fro the odd egg shell that had not broken down no one could ever tell that it was made by the family.

We are now filling the empty composter with vegetable peelings ,etc but no cooked foods or kitchen scraps as these go into the food waste that is collected by the local council and turned into compost in a heated chamber system , I think this then gets used by the local parks and gardens department.

I have 2 composters , one is used always and the is being rested for the year whilst the contets get ready to be spread onto the garden in a years time.
We have been using this system for a number of years.

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Re: Do you compost?

I have a two on/two off system in operation in the garden............two full bins ready for emptying, two bins being turned & in varying stages of decomposition (& another that is empty, but starting to be filled)

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