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salted lemons recepie

hi does anyone know what 15 min recipe has salted lemons (or pickled lemons) in it? Iv tried search for it to no avail sad

If someone could help me pls i'd really appreciate it x.

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Re: salted lemons recepie

Dont be put off with the *Total Time: 99 hr 15 min*  wink … index.html

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Re: salted lemons recepie

Argh! Have you noticed when you go to from outside the USA, it plasters this big thing all over the page just after you've started reading it, inviting you to go to your local version of the site? On my small netbook screen you have to zoom out for miles before you can even find the buttons! And it's lot like I've just wandered into the front page, I've obviously linked to a specific recipe - no, I don't want to be forwarded to! I want to read about Jamie's preserved lemons!

Sorry, rant over.

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