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#11 Thu 29 Nov 12 6:30pm


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Re: Chicken coop, which design works best?

Chicken coop design plans are widely available on the market, some chicken coop design plans may be free of cost, and some may be available for cost, but how good they are? You could evaluate the different blueprints for a chicken coop design plans and make sure that any one of them are right for you. Here are the some key steps, which help you to build your own chicken coop successfully.<a hrefe="http://www.bestchickencoop.biz/chicken-coop-designs-and-plans.html" target="_blank"> Click here </a> for more details about  Chicken Coop design plans.

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#12 Thu 13 Mar 14 9:06am


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Re: Chicken coop, which design works best?

mudassar1, you've posted this link twice and it features in a new thread that you've started that only appears to be selling these coops. Starting to look a lot like spam hmm.

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#13 Tue 06 May 14 1:50pm


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Re: Chicken coop, which design works best?

Nice looking house, generally looks well made. Its not one of these cheap Chinese fall to pieces in first puff of wind things. It seems a good price too.
Only thing I'd say is that firstly Tongue & Groove will encourage the scourge of every poultry keeper, red mite. If you don't know about RM, do your research. To know your enemy in advance is better than finding out the hard way.

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