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What is your best food and wine matching

If you ask true wine lover what you prefer with your food so his answer will be a glass of wine. so here i would like to start new topic with you guys. i would like to know what is your best food and wine matching.

If you ask me whats your best food and wine matching then i will go with the chilled wine with the Seafood. its just my all time favorite combination..

so whats yours??     smile

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Re: What is your best food and wine matching

Welcome to the forum JerryR  smile

I have to admit that this is something that I am really bad at I think that this is because it is rare that I drink wine.
I buy wine from Naked wines and it gets drunk when he family are home so I let them choose what they want to pair with each dish.
If its left to me I go red wine for red meat , white wine for white meat and fish ,sweet wine for dessert !

My father was always great at pairing the correct wine and food together but sadly he's no longer with us .

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