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Re: Christmas Stollen!!!

My stollen is "sans" marzipan as I'm the only one who will tolerate it.

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Re: Christmas Stollen!!!

Woke up yesterday to the sound of my son making stollen in the kitchen.
He used the marzipan and it tasted so good!

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Re: Christmas Stollen!!!

mummza wrote:

That does look an easy recipe Blueladder , but I think I would put the marzipan in a rope shape inside the dough rather than roll it out . Also I think I would totally cover the marzipan with the dough.

It is traditional to place the marzipan in a 'rope' down the middle, but I find that people who aren't that fussed about it prefer a thinner layer of it instead. I make my Stollen so that the flattened marzipan goes into a sort of 'u' shape in the finished loaf.....that way no-one ever picks the stuff out!

Oh & my marzipan is always completely enrobed in the dough too.

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Re: Christmas Stollen!!!

I forgot to post this at the time - I made this recipe, it was pretty easy and the stollen was delicious. I'm going to make another one today as I have some marzipan left over from Christmas.


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