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#4301 Tue 06 Nov 12 11:03pm


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Re: Welcome to the forums!

Welcome Ash!

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#4302 Fri 16 Nov 12 11:13am


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Re: Welcome to the forums!

Hi Jamie and everyone else on here,

Just thought I'd share with you the impact your latest cooking series has had on my husband. He is a 46 year old, bald, bourbon drinking harley davidson riding bloke, who has never cooked anything, or even looked like cooking anything, that was my job!. Despite living on a small farm, where we grow at lot of our own food in Tasmania, he has never shown any interest, as long as there was a steak on the plate he was happy.
Lately I've been working late and have come home to find him watching your show, after which he dispenses useful advice he has learned in order to improve my cooking techniques.  (Thanks for that Mr O).
This week I came home to dinner!
He hasn't actually followed a recipe yet, but has been inspired by you. You have achieved what his mother couldn't, and I have been unable to in 10 years of marriage.
Thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou!

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#4303 Tue 27 Nov 12 2:31pm


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Re: Welcome to the forums!

Thanks for the welcome! Its nice when people respond  smile

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#4304 Wed 05 Dec 12 9:05pm

Miss Twain

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Re: Welcome to the forums!

Hi Jamie,

Thanks to you, for making so good receipes !!! I'm a huge fan of you and your cooking style and I hope I'll have the pleasure to come to London to follow one of your cooking lessons and eat at the Fifteen's.
I recently tried some receipes from "30 minutes meals"  and also "Jamie's Great Britain" books and loved them so much. thumbsup

Merry Christmas in advance and Happy Holidays,
Miss Twain

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#4305 Sun 09 Dec 12 11:53pm


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Re: Welcome to the forums!

Hi all. Just joined and impressed at the lovely recipes that people are sharing. Going to try and get the early man that is my hubby to try some. He never cooks unless it is from a Jamie book ( said he can only cook Jamie as he is the only one that makes sense) so will be pretending some of these are Jamies if you don't all mind. Can't wait to see what people have been making from christmas as running out of new ideas. thumbsup

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#4306 Mon 10 Dec 12 1:20am


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Re: Welcome to the forums!

Hi Everyone!   smile
I joined in '07 but have been off for a while.
Just wanted to say I'm glad to be back!

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#4307 Mon 10 Dec 12 2:01am


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Re: Welcome to the forums!

Hi everyone  whistle

Just thought I would introduce myself as I'm just new here, I'm not one for huge introductions so I'll keep it pretty short and sweet. I'm from New Zealand and have recently turned seventeen, I cook as a hobby and am going into my last school year in 2013. I most likely won't pursue cooking as a career it's just something I love to do in my spare time, if I'm not cooking you'll usually find me on a computer, as that's my other passion.

Anyway good to meet you all  big_smile

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#4308 Mon 10 Dec 12 8:48am


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Re: Welcome to the forums!

wave to all the new members.   hope you have fun

Only a fool argues with a skunk, a mule or a cook.  { cowboy saying}
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#4309 Mon 17 Dec 12 9:41pm


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Re: Welcome to the forums!

Hi everyone, I turned 50 today and wanted to join others who've found a new lease of life by finding new and better ways to look after their bodies and diet. And where better...


Ray  thumbsup

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#4310 Fri 21 Dec 12 2:45am


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Re: Welcome to the forums!

Hi all, just joined today - big fan of yours Jamie.  Today had a trial run with the Get Ahead Gravy recipe - loved it. 

Enjoying the the series filmed on Southend Pier with Jimmy - not far from my hometown.

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