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My first vegetable garden.

Well It's almost the new year, and I have decided to give myself a new years revolution and/or goal. I love cooking in my spare time, and It would be nice to be able to grow my own ingredients, so I have decided to design and plant a raised bed vegetable garden.

Anyway I'm looking for advice.
So feel free to leave any tips you have bellow...

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Re: My first vegetable garden.

Welcome to the forum Kiwiboy smile

Which country do you love in ?
I presume from your forum name that you are a New Zealander and I know that there is a vast spectrum of climate there , what is the climate like where you live ?

How big are the raised beds hat you are planning ?

I am sure you will be able to get quite a lot of help with the sowing ,planting and growing of the fruits snd vegetables.

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The White Rabbit

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Re: My first vegetable garden.

Daily maintenance is the key thing; most vegetable crops don't thrive on neglect (or the neglect-loads of work-neglect cycle i use).

I like to grow things like herbs, lettuces and any of the other things that don't survive well in the supermarkets or in the fridge.

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Re: My first vegetable garden.

I'm trying to think of advice, but like mummza says, it's really hard to help without knowing where you are.

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Re: My first vegetable garden.

Me, too.

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