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Re: Christmas Lunch

oliviascotland wrote:

Or, if you're really worried about the eggs, you could try this: … ellingtons

I did this once for a vegetarian friend, and it was really delicious - definitely one to remember  big_smile

By the way, it's a "melty mushroom wellington"  smile

Ohh yes that's lovely , my cousin made that for me once , she used Stilton as the cheese .
I have not made it since as I don't eat a lot of pastry.

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Re: Christmas Lunch

You could make a vegetable pot pie. 

Or instead of a typical veggie pasta dish you could make this "kourkouto" which is a greek zucchini pie made with eggs. … i-pie.html

- vegetable stratta.
- vegetable ragout with polenta
- stuffed peppers with rice, zucchini and herbs

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Re: Christmas Lunch

Ooh, great - I've been looking for a vegetarian meatball substitute. I'll definitely try that.

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Re: Christmas Lunch

You can cook stuffed zucchini, stuffed aubergines or vegetarian moussaka.

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Re: Christmas Lunch

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