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#1 Sat 15 Dec 12 6:34am

Jarvis Cedres

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Saffran UK ( SCAM ALERT)

Cheat his Employees of payment here in Florida and at list a docen providers !! and is oppening another store in Europe !! SAFFRAN
  This person Jay Jamchi, Margret Jamchi is a professional scamer, cheat here in Florida docens of people for service provided, this people are still seeking for payment with no luck.
  I dont anderstant how they are oppening another Restaurant, when they was not able to pay the Employees and a docen providers at Orlando , FL. that close last month. This people are “Fake” and all they doing is washing money from they investers into they packets.

  President CEO of Global 1 Equity !!!

  Opening a new store !!!

But it ,can not pay the Employees and Providers in Orlando , FL.

Chef Richart !!! this guy is a military cook !! what good they cook in the military ?? that guy was fire the firts week the store at Orlando , FL. open.

He is just part of the scam for sure $$$

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#2 Sat 15 Dec 12 6:21pm


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Re: Saffran UK ( SCAM ALERT) … orida.html

You must be talking about this place.

Seems they got it right in Iceland. Looks like three locations. … gion.html0

Apparently they had plans to open 4 more N. America locations … _id=380803

I don't think they are "scammers" but who knows. Closing after about a year seems like a crappy business plan. You have to figure your not going to be in the profit for longer then that (and have the capital to support the venture).

Seems stupid that they would let their first shop go down in flames. Considering they offer franchises and "Saffran is the next big thing"   lol

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