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Resting Meat

Hi there,

I'm cooking a spiced, rolled pork belly at Christmas. I want to cook it a bit ahead and keep it warm until we're ready to eat. If I wrapped it in foil and a towel to keep warm for longer, would it affect the chrispy crackling? Steaming it to make it soft?

Appreciate the advice!

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Re: Resting Meat

flaming_amy.  Sounds lovely but you would indeed spoil the crispy crackling if you covered it with anything.  Can I suggest you remove the crackling entirely and then cover the joint lightly with foil (to rest).  The crackling can go back into the oven for a final crisping;  in a tray on its own, ready to serve when it's appropriate.
We've got pork today - yummy.

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Re: Resting Meat

I'm drooling thinking about that crackling!   yummy

I agree with Thistledo's method.  That way you get all the juices in the meat and crispy crackling to go with it.  What are you serving with it Flaming Amy?

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Re: Resting Meat

I'll third that. Covering a chicken in foil to rest ruins its crispy skin, I hate to think what it'd do to crackling. I've seen more than one recipe where the crackling is removed and put back in the oven while the meat rests.

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