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Re: Roasted chestnuts?

Maybe .'christmas with bells on' or something like that ?

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Re: Roasted chestnuts?

Thanks but no, I watched that one and it's not there. I have an inkling it's on "Jamie at Home Christmas Special". My doubt now is if the DVDs include it or not. Thanks anyway!!

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Re: Roasted chestnuts?

DebDiMaggio wrote:

does anyone have any recepies for turning them into something nice?? marinate, preserve, stewed???? Want to make something of a nice/original starter for christmas!!!!!!!

chestnut related story....

Years ago I went to Corsica to pick clementines for the season. The clementines that year were late so we had 2 weeks to survive on very little money before picking commenced.

The region we stayed in was "Castanicia" (land of the chestnut trees) and the chestnuts were bountiful at that time. We first starting roasting them but soon got fed up with them each day, so then we started making chestnut casserole mixing them with any veg we could lay our hands on. After a week the novelty of chestnut casserole soon wore off, but a local "berger" (shepherd) came to our rescue and offered us something we could use for turned out to be chestnut flour but gracefully accepted it and cooked it the recommended Corsican way by adding water and salt, mixing to a sludge, pouring out onto a flat surface then slice when cold. It was disgusting and resembled lumps of rubber. We could throw lumps of it from our village in the mountain (Cervioni) and it wouldn't stop bouncing until it hit the coast at Moriani plage.

I hate chestnuts!!!......and to rub salt into the wound the frosts came early (first time in 40 years Corsica had frost) and killed all the clementines.


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