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Fresh & Frozen fish - how long

Hi and I hope you all had a Fantastic Xmas btw!!

I made an amazing fish pie for dinner last night with a mixture of fresh monkfish, scallops but also defrosted smoked fish, prawns.  Is it ok to reheat it to eat tonight please? 

I always forget when you can and can't and don't want to make us sick!!   I have fresh salmon and scallops in the fridge - so we do have options - it would just seem wasteful to throw it!!!!

Please let me know.

Sally help

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Re: Fresh & Frozen fish - how long

Hi Sally,

I used to worked in catering, it is fine to reheat a fish pie as long as:

it is cooked in the first place,
covered and refrigerated for no longer than 48 hours,
reheated up to 95 C just before serving,
only being reheated ONCE.

If you have more questions about storing and cooking seafood, and need the answer quick, feel free to contact me or Dave.

The Cornish Fishmonger

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