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#1 Thu 27 Dec 12 3:07pm


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Fresh & Frozen fish - how long

Hi and I hope you all had a Fantastic Xmas btw!!

I made an amazing fish pie for dinner last night with a mixture of fresh monkfish, scallops but also defrosted smoked fish, prawns.  Is it ok to reheat it to eat tonight please? 

I always forget when you can and can't and don't want to make us sick!!   I have fresh salmon and scallops in the fridge - so we do have options - it would just seem wasteful to throw it!!!!

Please let me know.

Sally help

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#2 Wed 02 Jan 13 10:51am


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Re: Fresh & Frozen fish - how long

Hi Sally,

I used to worked in catering, it is fine to reheat a fish pie as long as:

it is cooked in the first place,
covered and refrigerated for no longer than 48 hours,
reheated up to 95 C just before serving,
only being reheated ONCE.

If you have more questions about storing and cooking seafood, and need the answer quick, feel free to contact me or Dave. http://thecornishfishmonger.co.uk/contact

The Cornish Fishmonger

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