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#1 Sat 05 Jan 13 11:02pm


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Ice Fishing Anyone??

The Universe is alive and self aware. 
Need proof?
Look in a mirror.
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#2 Sat 05 Jan 13 11:07pm


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Re: Ice Fishing Anyone??

Goodness fisheing in the snow.... brrrrr
but looking on the bright side thats a couple of huge fish that they caught  lol

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#3 Sun 06 Jan 13 1:01am


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Re: Ice Fishing Anyone??

Brrrrrrrr! I thought I was hardcore going in on NYrs Day. Good one.

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#4 Sun 06 Jan 13 3:02am


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#5 Sun 06 Jan 13 2:13pm


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Re: Ice Fishing Anyone??

big_smile  help

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