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Calories in Jamie Oliver dishes?

So this is the latest big news. Jamie Oliver's dishes have more calories than ready to eat junk. Some media outlets (we know how scientific journalists can be) even concluded that ready to eat junk was healthier (riiiight. Ever heard of additives, food colouring, sugar where no sugar is supposed to be...?). Let's not even mention taste here, who doesn't come into the equation, it seems (a happy stomach contributes to a happy mind).

So, journalists are surprised, shoked, amazed. What, Jamie Oliver, the (too?) successful cook uses butter instead of margarine and loads of parmesan and olive oil? Have they ever watched the show? Yes, Jamie Oliver loves his parmesan and butter. Do you have to use as much parmesan and butter? No. So don't. Problem solved. I always reduce the amount of fat and sugar in Jamie Oliver's recipe. Other than that, the recipes are healthy and diverse. And, I agree that organic food often tastes wayyyyy better than the industrial replacements.

I've cooked several Jamie Oliver recipes (bread soup with less parmesan and fontina cheese), 3 sister stew (amazing and healthy!! I just add fresh tomatoes), pasta with rabbit sauce (mmmh and rabbit is a lean meat, so just go easy on the olive oil), sheperd's pie (same here, go easy on the fat and voilą) etc...

Any half decent cook can slightly adapt the recipes to make them leaner. I can't say the same think for many Nigella recipes (sorry, Nigella, I love your cuisine but I can't cook any of your comfort food unless I buy a new wardrobe).

So, I may be French but Jamie Oliver is my first choice when I prepare a meal for my friends or family. yummy I love his modern cuisine based on getting the best out of glorious ingredients and his taste for everyday food, he adapts and refines.

Would I like the number of calories to be added to the recipes? Sure, that would be great.

Would I like suggestions on how to reduce the number of calories without compromising taste?

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Re: Calories in Jamie Oliver dishes?

Hi Mirabelle and welcome to the forums.

I'm a little confused. Sorry, it's late here.

I have all of Jamie's books bar one and it's too late for me to look up the recipes to which you refer. I have guests and don't want to wake them.

The latest, 15MM, and its tv show have the caloric count per serve listed at the beginning of each meal. I know because the book is beside me.

The earlier books possibly/ probably not.

The point is that he's at least started. More than many celebrity or not chefs have done.

You say that you've adapted the Jamie recipes that you've cooked to serve your own needs. Isn't that what we all do once we achieve some form of culinary expertise?

I'm sorry but I don't quite understand what point you are making.

Am sure it's me. As said, it's late.

Look forward to reading more of your posts wave

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Re: Calories in Jamie Oliver dishes?

Is this the article you mean? … ks-of-2011

I started to say that we all realize that some foods are 'splurges' and one can probably find recipes in all the classic cookbooks for foods that would qualify as being too caloric, etc. for everyday.  I believe the meatball sandwich cited in this article is from 30-minute meals which are touted as 'everyday' meals.  Then, I can see the point that the recipe is really tipping the scales too far in the unhealthy direction if it is considered a basic everyday meal.  It is up to each person to determine how many calories/fat, etc. to consume.

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