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New healthy school tuckshop in south africa!

Hi everyone

I am opening my own business as a healthy school tuckshop. I have decided it would be irresponsible and unethical to succeed in business whilst negatively affecting children's health and well being. The cafe will be eco-friendly and offer additive free(as much as possible), lower fat, balanced, delicious and nutritious items!

The cafe is vegetarian in order to satisfy a variety of dietary  requirements. I am taking over a very unhealthy place so first a health campaign at the school is needed before completely taking away the favourites.

My biggest dilemma is the chip fryer-a best seller!

I am looking for favourites made healthy. Example, low fat mac and cheese, healthy muffins, pizza, snacks, smoothies, frozen treats, salad on stick, cookie cutter fruit kebabs etc.

Please contribute any recipes or ideas, especially ones you or your kids love!


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Re: New healthy school tuckshop in south africa!

Thanks for this update.Its very intersetning information.I will share this with my family.They might think about it.I am sure my son lee will be so happy with this.

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Re: New healthy school tuckshop in south africa!

Check out these healthy brownies, they are awesome: … e-brownies

Going to make some today to take to a friend's house tonight. With a South African pumpkin, coincidentally.

There's also a skinny mac and cheese recipe which I haven't tried myself: … mp;-cheese

Re: the fryer, if you feel you have to serve chips, cut them thickly. Thick chips absorb less fat. And how about serving them with healthy dips, like fresh tomato salsa, guacamole, hummus, baba ganoush?

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