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Re: Cous Cous recipe

Kye wrote:

Maree wrote:

Who on earth would eat it without stuff added? No offence meant.

It isn't meant to be eaten unadorned.


Couscous Marocain yummy in my couscoussier big_smile  yummy

I add olive oil and rub or stir depending upon how much time I have and my mood hmm.

Add chopped scallions, mint, apricots, mint, pine nuts, pomegranate seeds etc depending on what it's to accompany.

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Re: Cous Cous recipe

Brilliant! Definitely will try it some time soon smile

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Re: Cous Cous recipe

Anyone ever made their own couscous?
http://moroccancuisinemarocaine.blogspo … scous.html

I like barley couscous but can't find it here anymore.  sad
I understand there is corn couscous as well but not here too hmm

Maybe I'm not looking hard enough  big_smile

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Re: Cous Cous recipe

I remember the first time I tried couscous and it seemed to taste like nothing. I couldn't see the point!

I love it now, and find it very easy to make with the 'add to boiling salted water with a little oil' method, letting it steam for a couple of minutes and then fluffing it up by forking a bit of butter through it.

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Re: Cous Cous recipe

Pakman: I also like Barley CC. Waitrose do one, I have seen it elsewhere, now I remember, Munich, not much help, sorry.
Elderflower Vinegar came with a warning about its strength, from the maker. But Elerflower is delicate and flowery. This had a strong Elderflower kick. I used it before I had any sherry vinegar in my cupboard. The sherry vinegar I have is perhaps, not as good as some, itís a well known brand, and they also do olive oil. Bottom line the elderflower worked better. I would advise you use Sherry, as my Elderflower is probably not going to be replicated, by a supermarket.
Cous Cous is something to go plain next to spicy, or jazzed up next to plain or on its own. Most people also find it dull, then like JoyYamDaisy, like it. I was one of those people too.

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