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Re: Sliced bread !

I do buy sliced bread. But not really often. And I don't eat it without any sandwich spread. I like it best with cheese spread and then paired it a with fresh  orange juice. yum yum

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Re: Sliced bread !

I don't buy the sliced, mass-produced bread from the supermarket.  I once read an essay that referred to that stuff as "solidified bubble bath," which I thought was perfect. 

I usually buy my bread at local bakeries, where you get same-day loaves.  However, all of the places where I shop have slicers.  If I know that I'm apt to want several single slices,  they'll run it through the slicer at no charge.  I have purchased crusty artisan breads at supermarkets, and taken the loaf to the deli area for slicing.  I don't know how thrilled they are to have me ask, but I've never been refused.  If it becomes a common practice, stores may start to kick up a fuss about it.

As for Koukouvagia's comments about the sugar in bread, I know just what he/she means.  Yes, sugar is necessary to react with the yeast.  But, in the US the large bread manufacturers have been making their products sweeter, and sweeter, to the palate.  It's terrible when you're looking forward to a nice savory sandwich -- and the bread is sweet.  That's another reason I quit buying it.

Along with the reactionary sugar for the yeast, companies are including high-fructose-corn-sugar, which is wholly unnecessary, but found in a wide array of foods.  When you read the ingredient list, it's  not unusual to find multiple sweeteners in one loaf ... HFCS, molasses/treacle, honey, brown sugar and/or an extra dose of sugar.   

I've found that bakery bread, on a "sometimes sliced" basis, is the way to go.

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