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#901 Sun 24 Feb 13 8:10pm


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

Haay all!

About 2 years ago my best friend introduced me to the jamie oliver recipes. I absolutely loved it. A half year later my dad got terminal cancer. My way to comfort him was with a nice meal out of one of my jamie oliver books. 3 months later he unfortunately passed away. 3 months later than that I found an english boyfriend and moved to england. I love living here (especially cause jamie's books are much cheaper and I can really go to his restaurant) but I had to live my best friend back in holland. The last weekend of may she is coming to visit me. I'm going to take her for a meal in jamie's restaurant in Stratford westfield for her birthday.  Now I was wondering of its possible to buy a recipe book signed by jamie. Vause jamie is the passion we share and would be the best present ever!!

X felicia

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#902 Tue 26 Feb 13 12:28pm


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

Help! In five days I'll be' catering 30 adults and 10 kids for my daughter first birthday....I'm looking for good suggestions!!! help  crossed  dribble

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#903 Tue 26 Feb 13 1:04pm


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

Sagiamarimadda  wrote:

Help! In five days I'll be' catering 30 adults and 10 kids for my daughter first birthday....I'm looking for good suggestions!!! help  crossed  dribble

my suggestin is keep it simple that way you wont worry too much.

What sort of meat were you wanting to make ?
Party food or a savory buffet ?

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#904 Tue 26 Feb 13 1:59pm


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

Keeping it simple would be the best way to go.  Lots of prepping in advance, ie the day before, etc.

For the grown ups:  A good selection of small wholemeal and white bread rolls and a choice of cold meats,cheese/eggy stuff.  Garlic bread always goes down a treat.  Loads of salads.  Mini cakes of your choice.  All about ease of eating while on your feet.

For the kids:  Jelly sarnies big_smile
Perhaps mini trifles.

Don't wear yourself out.  You'll want to enjoy the party too.

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#905 Tue 26 Feb 13 9:02pm


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

Mini pizzas:

Cut English muffins in half, top with half ketchup/half tomato puree and grated cheese. Add other toppings and grill/broil until cheese is melted.

Quick and easy, and equally good for adults or kids. If you want you can have bowls of toppings and let people top their own, but since you're catering for such large numbers I wouldn't bother - just do a range of toppings and grill them in big batches.

Also worth having finger foods like cut-up fruit, cheese, mini sausages, little biscuits and so on. Don't forget bowls of crisps (that's how you know you're at a party - bowls of crisps. Still puts me in the party mood). That lot, with or without the pizzas, should work for kids from a year old upwards. The adults will enjoy it too - and why not make a big pan of soup for the grown-ups to have along with the party food? Nothing like soup to feed a crowd substantially with minimal effort.

And don't forget the cake. I'm not even sure it's worth stressing over jelly and ice cream - as long as there's enough cake, it'll all be fine.

Really. Don't stress. IT WILL ALL BE FINE.

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#906 Wed 27 Feb 13 12:15am


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

I have been watching your 15 minute meals on line: and am thoroughly hooked.
I checked a few book stores recently and have not been able to track down '15 Minute Meals' cookbook. Do you have an idea of when this book will be available in Canada?

PS. Most ovens here are still in Imperial measure, so metric temperatures are wonky. Last video I watched  was the salad with toasted corn chips and you stated to heat them in a 200*C oven , 400 *F, that was the first time I heard the conversion. Hope book arrives soon, would like to try the recipes!

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#907 Wed 27 Feb 13 12:27am


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

Hello Greta and welcome to the forums: wave:

Yes, double the C temperature to get the F one. So 150C is 300F.

Have you tried Amazon?

"Cook with love and laughter ..."
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#908 Wed 27 Feb 13 7:17pm


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

Hi Jamie! How do you prepare a Chinese Turnip? I was told you have to soak it in water first to see if it will turn green. If it does then you can't use it because it is bad. Is this true?
Thanks <3 Jul

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#909 Thu 28 Feb 13 3:33pm


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

Dear Jamie,
I may have a question you may find to simple but anyway. It just concerns baking bread. I wanted to bake the old original style bread without using yeast. Just only sourdough and water and some salt. I heard that by placing the (organic) sourdough mixed with quite some water for a few hours out in the air, that a natural process would start the fermentation. I worked on it for six days, left it at a warm place with touching it, I noticed that some fermentation took place but hardly noticeable. After baking it on the sixth day, I got something that more looked like a cake, tasted ok but it wasn't the great sort of bread I expected.
Are you familiar with this process?
Can the outside temperature have an effect (it was cold) or any other idea you may have.

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#910 Thu 28 Feb 13 5:38pm


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

Geert have a look here, you need a little natural yeast, as you will find say, on the outside of a grape...


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