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Hello folks,

My name is Anthony, Retired from the Motion Picture Industry in 2005. Quickly found that watching the tube and drinking was not working so I focused my attention on something I've always loved cooking.

Over the last eight years I've cooked my way through Child: Mastering the art 1 & 2, and a good part of Larousse Gastronomique. Made every recipe in Beranbaum: The cake bible and Hamelman: Bread. Italian food is what I have the deepest passion for, my Sicilian grandmother taught my to make pasta on the kitchen table and sauce and sausage from scratch.

I cook two or three meals a day, with the exception of tomatoes and tuna nothing comes from cans in my kitchen. I prefer going to the market daily to get food for our meals often letting whatever looks good at the market dictate what I'll be cooking that day.

That a little about me,


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Re: Hello

Hi A.J.D. and welcome wave

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Re: Hello

Welcome Anthony! You will have great stuff to share with us!

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Re: Hello

Hi Anthony and welcome.

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