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Catering school


I am very interested in cooking & am thinking of studying to become a professional chef. The one thing thats holding me back is that I have a medical  history which has resulted in my right side being weaker than the left. I am worried this would hold me back.
Can I have yout opinions on the matter please.

Also I have recently been in contact with the goverments careers advice about the matter of getting an apprenticeship in a pub or resturant to learn, EARN (this is very important as I would be moving to the UK & would have nothing) & gain experience. They told me that because I have not lived in the UK for 3 years prior to the apprenticeship I am not qualified.
Can I have your thoughts & suggestions on this subject also please.

One last thing. When I move back to the UK I will be based in Essex, can anybody suggest good catering schools near this area.

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Re: Catering school

Hello Jamos.  I would have thought your doctor or physiotherapist would be the best people to ask.  They will know the extent of your disability and how being a chef could affect that.  I certainly wouldn't presume to advise, as I'm not a medic.  I do know, however, that being a chef would mean you being on your feet and using your hands most of your working hours, bending down to cupboards, ovens, etc;  a lot of heavy work.

When you've found an appropriate college in which you could train, they will also be able to advise.

I do wish you luck in your endeavour.

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