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Re: What a bad year for viruses and infections

Hi MsP smile
I'd like to clarify that by saying what I've said and by recommending the book, I'm in no way questioning the role of science. I'm not one of those hairy fairy dudes who refuses to take drugs when necessary and believes doctors, drugs and science are evil. Not me!!
That being said, all I'm suggesting is that some diseases have an emotional cause and that sometimes just by paying attention to them, we can avoid many problems.
For example, in 1996, the JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Assoc.) published an article/study that showed a strong correlation between heart problems and rage, i.e. people who feel rage frequently and dont deal with it are more likely to have heart problems. And the list goes on.

I think that everyone should take precautions. Hygiene is very important and prevention even more. I just think that sometimes people get too nervous about news that dont make that much sense. I'm not saying that's the case and I know that you have the best possible intentions in passing out the message that you have passed, but believe me, so do I... thumbsup

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Re: What a bad year for viruses and infections

Well it's really hard when you catch a virus or any infection. I do get sick more often than any other in my family. So I always take extra careful whenever I go out. I do take vitamins also to enhance my immune system and eat fruits and vegetables.

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Re: What a bad year for viruses and infections

Drink lots of water, plenty of fresh air and exercise, oily fish, good diet.
Not good for the computer though abdullahcohn.

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