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Re: Slow-cooker

Oh no, Thistledo! I only just noticed this. About 8 hours on Low would do it (that's approximate, as are all slow cooker times) but it's surely too late!  sad

MsPablo wrote:

I also do not cook the potatoes in with the pot roast because they definitely water down the flavor of the sauce and add a starchiness that I don't really like.

I'm with you on potatoes cooked in a stew, they also get that sort of waterlogged crockpot potato texture and funny taste. I sort of like it when my Mum does it, but I think that's just childhood nostalgia.

When I'm doing the cooking I either cook the tatties separately like you, or leave the skins on and put them in a colander in the slow cooker for the last couple of hours so they steam above the stew. That's pretty nice. You can also peel and chop them and put them in a covered dish with some butter, S&P and float it on top of the stew.

I'm getting quite keen on lazy accompaniments like this. If I'm cooking curry in the crockpot, I now put rice in a small dish with seasonings and twice its volume of boiling water and float it on top for the last hour or so. It comes out surprisingly well. Of course, that's only a timesaver if you're in the house an hour before dinner!

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Re: Slow-cooker

Worry not Hippy, because that's exactly what I did.  I had to make a speedy decision and it paid off.  Thanks anyway.  The ham hock was delicious.

Never put spuds in a stew - I like the contrast of textures with the stew and the potatoes separate.

The only meal I include spuds with is pot roast of brisket (on the hob), together with whole onion(s).  The spuds soak up the juices of the meat - natural juices too because I never introduce water to my pot roast.  Whilst the brisket is resting, I then chuck in a good slug of red wine and continue with that to make the gravy.  Mmmm, I'm salivating just thinking about it.

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