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#11 Wed 17 Apr 13 7:49pm


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Re: Ask me about Food Revolution Day!

mummza wrote:

Nadine , you might enjoy these video's I know that they are cooked in wood fired ovens ,if you are using a conventional oven turn the temperature up and get the oven really hot before you put the pizza in.

Gennaro makes Pizza in his wood fired oven

Jamie Oliver makes Pizza in his wood fired oven

Gennaro Contaldo and Antonio Carluccio ..Pizza in Naples  (from two greedy Italians )
a little history lesson about the Margarita pizza !

Mummza,thank you very much I just watched all three and I must say I learned a lot! And the history lesson of the Margarita pizza is interesting...loved learning about it! Thank you sooo much. wink

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Re: Ask me about Food Revolution Day!

Wish you guys a fantastic food revolution day ahead! Kindly share your experiences of celebrating it. I would love to know more about the kind of food so served on the food revolution day and also about how you guys celebrate it with your family and family.
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