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#1 Mon 22 Apr 13 4:17pm


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low budget meals


my name is Manu, i´m 24 years old.

since 2 years I work with disabled people. I love my job!!
We cook twice a week. But we havn´t that much money (about 24 pounds a day). We are 13 people in our group. It´s tricky to cook a good meal on a low budget. Can you help us with some recipes (easy and fast to cook for 13 people)??

thank you

greetings from Austria


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#2 Mon 22 Apr 13 4:23pm


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Re: low budget meals

welcome to the forum Manu smile

First may I ask what sort of meals do you normally cook , if you can tell us this there will be less chance of us giving you ideas that you already cook .

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#3 Wed 24 Apr 13 2:16pm


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Re: low budget meals

potatoes and pancakes are always a good idea. eggs and flour are cheap. try making shaped or lacey pancakes ! you can get very creative with a simple pancake.
soups are not just budget friendly, but very healthy and warming. and you can make pateés out of lentils or peas. soak dried lentils in water, cook, mash, add some butter and seasoning, you can make very good sandwitches.

also, why not try different burgers? non-meat. vegetable or mushroom or corn and carrot, fish burgers.... and then some bread and a leaf of salad and a slice of tomato, you got your own healthier burger! and they are so easy to make, just grate everything, mix together (you may use canned corn, canned tuna etc, boiled leftover rice, mashed potato in the mix), shape and fry.

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#4 Mon 29 Apr 13 4:00pm


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Re: low budget meals

@ mummza
we cook: asian (curry, hot soups, ...), italian (pizza, lasagne, gnocchi), austrian (strudel, ...)
in our group we are very open-minded and like to try new things.

@ RedfoxEstonia
thank you very much for the good ideas. i´ll try the veggie-burgers for sure.

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