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Lamb rub from Sainsbury's 4 years ago

I bought a Jamie Oliver lamb rub a few years ago from Sainsburys which I used to use on shoulders of lamb I was putting on BBQ. Unfortunately they no longer sell it and I can't locate it anywhere. Can anybody please advise where I may get it or what was in it so I can make my own?

Many thanks

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Re: Lamb rub from Sainsbury's 4 years ago

welcome to the forum Festers smile

This might seem a silly question .... As I remember the lamb rub was sold in a neat little tin , I know that unit fairly recently I had one of the tins that I used to store paper clips in , I no longer have it as I left it at a school I used to work at.

Did you reuse any of the tins and if fso have they got the lable still on it ?
The lable would give you a list of ingredients that would help when working out a replacement rub.

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