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food for life charity

i am involved with a local charity that makes and prepares food. it is also linked with a charity cafe to provide food for those in need. but recently the project has been hit by funding issues.

in jamies experience what government policies are their or local council policies/budgets that can be used/accessed to set up this project again.

im thinking of developing it it into a jamie oliver kitchen thing, by adding the training side for anyone to drop in and including apprenticeships for chefs etc. aswell as the current thing of naturally, locally grown food prepared and cooked for locals in need.

but so far local authorities have not wanted to help fund the scheme. so if there is a little nugget of info that can be used to get governemt support would be great.

i know jamies team have already done alot of the hard work revising policies and talking to councils so i hope they have a little gem that helped them get government support in setting up their kitchens.

if so i will speak to the charity chairs about if the project can become a jamies kitchen brand as the philosophy and end results would be very similar

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Re: food for life charity

Hi Mitch, welcome here!
I think a good first step might be to contact Jamie's office:
Good luck with it all!

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Re: food for life charity

I also support a similar program in Bulgaria called Holiday Heroes. This Easter (and last Christmas) they made door-to-door deliveries of traditional dinners and gifts to 2000 destitute families of the poverty-stricken nation. Here's to more dreams coming true! They do have a website, Holiday Heroes Bulgaria. Link a week later  smile

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