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Flat Breads

Hi Jamie

Can you advise which type of flour to use for flat breads - plain or strong?


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Re: Flat Breads

Since Jamie ain't about...atmo, can I take the liberty of answering this question??

Strong. the higher gluten flours are always better for breads..

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Re: Flat Breads

I would also use strong flour for making most breads as well .

As a general rule if I use yeast I use strong flour .
If I'm no using yeast I tend to use a plain flour.

If you making chapatti which i another flat bread , i don't think chapatti flour is a strong flour and that is mixed simply before being rolled and baked on a tava .

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Re: Flat Breads

Chapatti flour (atta flour) many recipes say can be substituted by using whole meal plain (all purpose) flour which, as Mummza says, is not strong flour.

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