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Food Revolution Australia

Hi there Jamie,   
My daughter and I have just today signed up for your classes in the food van in Victoria, Australia.  I cannot tell you how pleased I was to finally get a place for your cooking classes.  I am now like a child waiting for Christmas day to come as it is still 4 weeks away from the starting date.  One serious question for you though that has always stopped me from cooking certain recipes.  When I was in my 20's cooking for my family, I accidently wiped the inside of my eyelid with a finger that had just chopped up a fresh chilli - that was the start of my fear of the chilli as it was like having razor blades in my eye.  Can I substitute something else for a chilli in recipes or would that alter the outcome too much or can I just leave them out altogether.   I am eager to try a chilli recipe but I am very afraid.  Can you help me. 
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Re: Food Revolution Australia

Why don't you use chillies by grinding it with water and using it with a spoon instead of your finger? If you don't want to use chilli at all, you can use another spices to add a taste to your dish. Like garlic and ginger along with lemon give a great taste and one can't easily substitute them with chillies.
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Re: Food Revolution Australia

I wear disposable gloves when cutting/ chopping chillies. I also use them when peeling/ chopping onion, garlic or ginger because I don't like smelly hands.

Edit: ... Because I don't like having smelly hands.

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Re: Food Revolution Australia

I fine it best to rinse the onions after youve peeled them to get rid of the smell and "milk" so you dont cry. and after washing your hands rub them again the stainsteel tap or sink, weird i know but it works for me!.

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