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Olive Oil Selection

I bought a book on different olive oils, where they come from, how they're made, and now I'm more confused than ever. Does anyone have any advice on a good standard olive oil. It's in every recipe, and if (like my sea salt) I have something nice to start with, it'll resonate throughout all of my cooking. I've tried tasting them on their own and that didn't help... ha ha !

Anyway, if anyone has any how to figure this out, I'd truly appreciate it. Thanks!

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Re: Olive Oil Selection

Your choice of oil will have an effect, and much more than your salt will. So spend on oil and only buy expensive salt if you like it pretty. I buy cobram estate, it's Australian, and the higher end at the supermarket. This is for dressings and anything where it's used for flavor rather than high heat. I've used colavita before and quite liked it. Often you can get small bottles so you can try until you find a brand you like.

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Re: Olive Oil Selection

Hi alltbone,

I'm from a country that produces some of the best olive oil in the world. Like most mediterranean countries, we have been using it in our food for centuries.

I buy virgin olive oil for cooking and extra virgin for seasoning. I base my choice in the olive varieties but since Im not sure you can have that choice or information, you may do it according to the acidity level of the oil. For cooking I use 0.7 to 1% acidity. For seasoning however, I prefer a smoother oil with acidity of 0.5%.

Thats me of course. The old generations here tend to prefer high acidity oils of 1.5 and even 2%. Thats way too strong for me.
I hope it helps smile

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