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Gluten Free

As 'trying' to cook every day meals from scratch that have no wheat or Cows milk makes for meals that never turn out like they do on the TV could Jamie please do some dishes using the alternative ingredients.
I make pastry that pours over the pie filling like a cake mix as the rolled pastry would never leave the surface where it was flattened, that turns out a bit like a suet pastry and tastes great but I need help.
Jamie's pizza in a pan with wheat free flour is well how should I say this, nothing like Jamie's!
Please can Jamie have a go at wheat free foods and help us wheat intolerant peeps out. The Cow's milk isn't so big a problem as goats milk suits us all fine in our household.

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Re: Gluten Free

Welcome to the Forums, Deedlea  smile   There are quite a few of us here who need to eat gluten-free foods (and lactose free, too), and you might find this thread to be of help:

A very quick tip for you - if you do make a more traditional style gluten-free pastry that needs rolling out, trying rolling it out between two sheets of clingfilm or greaseproof paper - that way it's a doddle to transfer to the top of a pie  wink

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Re: Gluten Free

I like using a Silpat for rolling out gluten-free dough.  I also love using my KitchenAid pasta rolling attachments with gluten-free pasta doughs.

I have yet to try it, but am planning to get some coconut oil to use in gluten-free baking.  Almond flour is also a very nice ingredient for gf baking.

I find that patching and even pressing gluten-free pastry dough in to form works pretty well usually.  And, keep it chilled.

If I'm substituting gf flour in a recipe for the first time, I cut the recipe down to see if it will work well because the gf flour blend I use is very expensive.  It does contain dairy and it's only available in the U.S.

I'm sure someone in your country will be able to recommend a blend that works well and some recipes.  Are you in the U.K?

edit to add:  One of my favorite simple doughs uses olive oil and is a tart dough - good wheat-like flavor and very crisp, although no 'chew' like a good pizza dough, but it holds a lot of wet toppings and remains crisp.  It's no use giving you a link to that recipe as it uses the gf flour blend I mentioned above, but if you want to try it with another blend, let me know.

A lot of companies recommend you buy their gluten-free 'bread' flour blend for yeast doughs, not the all-purpose gluten-free blends.  I've had success with ap gf flour, again not a brand you can use.

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Re: Gluten Free

Hi Deedlea, welcome! To be honest, you're absolutely in the right place - if you ever have any questions about speciality recipes the forum members will be able to help. I would definitely recommend having a read through the gluten-free thread Olivia posted earlier, too.

We do also have a huge number of gluten-free recipes on the site - do have a look! … luten-free

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Re: Gluten Free

When cooking gluten free you are going to find that you will not be able to do somethings that you can with wheat. Pizza bases and breads will be different because they use gluten to work the way they do. I find that the vast majority of Jamie's recipes are suitable for gluten free with little or no alteration. In addition to the links you could try tobee puttock's books as they have the gluten free and lactose variations for most recipes.

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