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Buying A New Food Processor

I'm in the market for a new food processor. Number 1 on my list is the Bosch mum4100 I think mainly because it is a Which? best buy.

I have two questions. Reviews that I've read criticise the instructions that come with the machine they seem to indicate that they are difficult to follow.

So the first question is. Have any forum members one of these machines and how do you find them? There is nothing like getting the views of those who use them on a regular basis.

The second question is price. We all want as cheap a price as possible so anybody know of discount codes, special offers or the like? The going price seems to be around the £90 plus mark Amazon is quoting £99.00

As always many thanks to members for the input.


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#2 Sun 29 Sep 13 12:55pm

The White Rabbit

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Re: Buying A New Food Processor

When I next buy a processor it'll be a magimix or Cuisinart. Online reviews can help but they are not everything. I think that price is too cheap, at least for a decent processor. I'd rather buy from a reputable store than the cheapest on the internet. I use Peters of Kensington and Victoria's basement here. They are well priced and have online stores

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Re: Buying A New Food Processor

I've had a Magimix for more than 30 years. My current model is a 5200. I sold or gifted the previous twoofs- nothing wrong with them. I wanted bigger bowls / motors.

Agree with what TWR said re price being too cheap for a decent food processor. I shop at the two retail stores/ their Internet stores she mentioned as well.

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