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#1201 Tue 22 Oct 13 7:42pm


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

My husband and I are volunteering in our children's breakfast program at school.  As you know, many of the kids don't get healthy food from home so what we make may be the only thing they eat with any substance.  Can you suggest a website or recipes that are fast, easy to make at school with limited resources, and appealing to kids that are healthy and may get the kids to try new things?  It has been a struggle to find things (other than smoothies and traditional breakfast items) that are quick, cost effective, healthy and appealing to kids.
Giannine Doyle
BC Canada

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#1202 Tue 22 Oct 13 10:23pm


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

welcome to the forum momto4kids  smile

why not smoothies ?
The school I used to help in had a weekly smoothie tuck shop , the smoothies were made from banana's apple juice and then things like strawberries if they were the right price and in season or other frozn fruits ( as they also chilled the mix )
but always banana and apple juice .

breakfast clubs here in the UK are often confined t toast and an unsweetened breakfast cereal with a drink.

What sort of thing gets given to the children at breakfast club where you live and what sort of budget do you have to work on per child

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#1203 Tue 22 Oct 13 11:34pm


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

sjholdsworth wrote:

I have been watching your series Save with Jamie & bought the book, my question is:- If I am doing the recipes from your book do I need to reduce the cooking temperatures as I have a fan oven and if so by how many degrees?

By 20C, sjholdsworth smile.

"Cook with love and laughter ..."
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#1204 Thu 24 Oct 13 9:59pm


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

I am seriously addicted to the Jamie Oliver Piri Piri Herb Crust. I live in the US, but bring back as much as I can find when I travel to the UK. Last time it was a measly 9 containers.

Is there any way to order cases of the stuff? Seriously.

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#1205 Fri 25 Oct 13 2:52pm


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

Howdy James!
   I dont have a questions! I just want to tell you that all Kazakhstan people loves you! We whatch our programs everyday! You so sweet and cool! God bless you! My family loves you especially when you smile:-)

Hope u'd have a good day!

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#1206 Mon 28 Oct 13 7:44pm


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

Hi Jamie

Any ideas how to cook pheasant? Last time I cooked it it was dry and we didnt like it.

We love cooking your recipes so your ideas will be appreciated



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#1207 Fri 01 Nov 13 5:24pm


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

Hi, I made a bolognese sauce but it has turned out too herby, any ideas on how to fix this please?

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#1208 Thu 07 Nov 13 12:22pm


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

hi jamie. First: i'm your largest/biggest???? fan, i think.  wink i watch every day your "15minutes" at sixx. it's amazing! even my husband was suprised how easy cooking could be and you have to know he has absolutly no affinity to cook neutral .......
so, my question what is the brand of your mixer and kitchen machine? i already bought 3 mixer and i would get i crisis now because not one of them is able to mix!!! angry also the kenwood not!
i also like your pots and pans, the rose, baby blue ones. where could i buy those? and the big white roasting tray? you made potato gratin in it.
zhank you very much for your help!
greetings from Switzerland Annette with Marco and Anna-Giulia

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#1209 Wed 13 Nov 13 1:04pm


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

Hi Jamie,

First of all, I just want to say that I admire that you care about the well being of people when it comes to your food. I cannot say I am your biggest fan and I doubt i even fall into the vast majority that knows "all things Jamie Oliver", I have to say that it has always been a treat to watch you cook on the telly. My mom and I used to spend ours in the evening watching food shows and get tips on how to cook like professionals. Although I am not a good cook, I have been very interested in cooking for a while now. I've been trying to make my own recipe book with recipes that I have found on the internet and it is absolutely fun. I cannot wait to finally start cooking.

Anyway, what I wanted to ask is, in most of the recipes I have seen, they always melt some butter and mix is with cookie crumbles and bake it. A friend of mine did this a while back (cookies, butter, mix and bake) and her crust was so hard it felt like eating toffee. Is it supposed to be that way (although I doubt it) or is there some secret to this whole baking crust thing.

Thanks in advance!


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#1210 Wed 13 Nov 13 3:49pm


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

Every year I make Jamie's Christmas turkey, stuffing and gravy recipes for the family.  This year we are visiting friends in the USA for Thanksgiving and they have asked if I could do the stuffing and gravy (it's now legendary!).  The problem is I will not be able to use wine in the gravy, please can you let me know a good substitute, I really don't want to compromise the flavour.

Thanks x

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