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Histamine Intolerant

I have Celiac Disease as well as being Histamine Intolerant. Anyone have any recipe ideas for me. I'm loosing my cooking edge.

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Re: Histamine Intolerant

Welcome to the forum flowerbug  smile

Which country do you live in ?

I just tried looking ups list of foods to avoid for someone with a histamine intolerance , the list seems fairly long , some it seems can be to tolerated  by some sufferers , what foods are you able to eat ? … ntolerance

For the Ceoliac disease I know you have to remove gluten from your diet .
There are quite a number of gluten free recipes on this forum  and a number of forum members follow gluten free diets .

What sort of things do you normally cook ?

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Re: Histamine Intolerant

You poor thing, I just read that list. The gluten thing will probably be the easier part.

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