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Re: Tapioca Flour Vs Tapioca Starch

I am Brazilian and my parents use to make cassava flour AND cassava starch, 2 different products from Cassava root. People from some regions in Brazil eat cassava flour every day in both main meals.
Anyway... There are 2 different types of cassava starch - sweet and sour and I use 50/50 to make the "very famous PÃO DE QUEIJO". Here is the recipe I tried for dozens of time till I get the perfect recipe and the easiest way to make. Fast, easy and soo good... smile

300 gr sweet cassava starch
300 gr sour cassava starch
500 gr greated cheese (not mozzarella)
1 cup of water
1/2 cup of oil (not olive oil)
1 1/2 tsp salt
4 large eggs (free range please)

Prepare the food mixer to make bread. Place the starch, sour and sweet.
In a small pot boil water, oil and salt. With the mixer in slow movement, pour the boiling liquid in small parts till the flour becomes hot. The liquid will "cook" the flour mixing and prepare it for the next ingredients. Leave it mixing for 2 or 3 minutes.
Add 400 gr of the cheese. Keep mixer on medium movement
Add eggs 1 by 1.
Add the spare cheese and and keep the mixer in the higher movement for around 1 minute.
Dough can be rolled by hand and baked in cake trays or in muffins trays.
Oven ready in 200oC for exactly 15 minutes. Serve warm.

one thing about pao de queijo is that, first time you try it you don't see why people love it so much... hmm but if you try it again for 2 or 3 times you get addicted ... lol ...

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Re: Tapioca Flour Vs Tapioca Starch

thumbsup   I didn't have any problem loving it the first time! big_smile

Thanks very much for the recipe and information!  Welcome Naza!

The person who began this thread has now been to Brazil a couple of times and is making all sorts of Brazilian foods at home, so please keep the advice coming!  I have been to Rio several times and had a great time.  I have yet to make fejoada at home, but want to soon.  A family member makes it here in the U.S. and that version is pretty good, despite not having access to everything that typically goes in the dish.

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Re: Tapioca Flour Vs Tapioca Starch

Muito obrigado, Naza....two trips to Brazil since I first posted.  But I want to try your recipe for Pão de Queijo....I was lucky enough to have a bakery just up the street from my hotel in Manaus where I got them fresh every morning...
What part of Brazil are you from?   I was in Minas Gerais last summer and in Manaus a few weeks back...I LOVE Brazil....

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Re: Tapioca Flour Vs Tapioca Starch

Steadam2011 wrote:

Ah, it looks like you're baking for someone who is gluten free. If you're going to use alternative flour than wheat flour, you'll need to get more than just one kind of flour. Because all purpose flour is actually a blend of different flours, your cakes, cookies, and other baked goods won't rise properly without some kind of mix. If you're using tapioca flour, I've found that if you do a third tapioca, a third of corn starch, and a third of potato flour, you have a great mix to use for gluten free dishes.

Hi there, new to the forum, would this be a good start for a GF Pizza Dough/base ? would I get a healthy rise from it ? many thanks, Richard smile

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