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15 minute meals show, cbs dream team

Spotted your show  last week , but not until it was half way over. Loved it! ranted about it to others. But alas, CBS does not provide video replay or printed recipes. I am searching  on this site for green tea salmon, miso and the parcels. Can you provide on your site???

Watching the last 15 minutes of " 15 minutes"  got me motivated to cook with enthusiasm all week! I'm fired up thanks to you!

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Re: 15 minute meals show, cbs dream team

Welcome to the show Lauralovesjamie.

If it's not here, try Googling the recipe as some recipes have been reprinted in newspapers, magazines etc and it might show up.

Failing that, someone here might have the recipe from watching the show or from the DVDs that be bought.

Failing that, borrow the book from the library or buy it.

Hope this has been of help smile.

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