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Help! My Rabbit is dry

I recently found a place that sells rabbit at a reasonable price. Took one home and made a classic braised rabbit with white wine, onions and Dijon. (Also used black current grainy Dijon). Braising liquid was great but my bunny was bone-dry. I would love any suggestions that would help me fix the leftovers. I don't want to dry it out further.

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#2 Sun 09 Apr 17 7:31pm


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Re: Help! My Rabbit is dry

I would make a curry up then add the left over meat. Strange that it was so dry though, was it fresh or frozen?

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Re: Help! My Rabbit is dry

Rabbit has so little fat in it it almost always is dry.  Just make sure there's enough sauce.  You may also have overcooked it.  If it is stringy then you definitely overcooked it.

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