The Men Who Made Us Fat

It is not difficult to notice that the rate of obesity is growing rapidly in the UK. Already two thirds of adults living in the UK are overweight and one in four are classified as obese. Children are also being affected with one in four children being classed as overweight or obese by the age of 4. Obesity is not only affecting those living in the UK, around the world the obesity levels are rising and now more people are classed as being overweight than undernourished.

In a new three-part series, The Men Who Made Us Fat, Jacques Peretti takes a journey to discover those who are responsible for revolutionising our eating habits and finds out how the decisions made in America 40 years ago have affected the food choices we make now. The series will take a look at the story of High Fructose Corn Syrup (the sweetener which was championed in the US in the 1970s), look into the studies by John Yudkin, a British nutritionist who first raised awareness to the dangers of sugar and investigate the ways British food manufacturers used advertising campaigns to promote the idea of snaking in between meals.

The overall series investigates the ways our eating habits have changed in the last 40 years and give us an explanation into why obesity levels are rapidly increasing.

The Men Who Made Us Fat starts this Thursday, 14th June, at 9pm on BBC2.

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