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  • Eggs are a great source of protein, as well as other essential nutrients. Make sure you eat the yolks because this is where all the vitamin D is stored, a nutrient we don’t get enough of during the winter months. Without vitamin D we can't absorb calcium, which we need to keep our bones and teeth strong and healthy.
  • Pulses like chickpeas and lentils are a super-vegan ingredient because they are high in protein. They are also high in fibre and essential B-vitamins, which we need to keep our metabolism healthy. Try swapping your regular shepherd's pie filling for a lovely veggie-packed version.
  • To tackle the inevitable afternoon snack attack, pack or prep a healthy snack. We’ve all been there, caught off guard by hunger pangs and impulsively grabbing the nearest (and often not-so-healthy) nibble. Try throwing a handful of nuts and dried fruit in a tub, pack some crunchy veg sticks with a little pot of houmous, or simply pop an apple in your bag before you head out.

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