Our group values talk about the way we like everyone in our group of companies to approach everything they do at work and they've been inspired by Jamie's approach to food, cooking and life in general. This is what it's all about:

keep it simple

Challenge complexity things should be easy to use and easy to do.

enjoy yourself

Take pleasure in your work and your working relationships.

give it your all

Work hard and enjoy the rewards for a job well done.

spread the love

Share the good times. Help throughout the bad times.

think fresh

Fresh ideas. Fresh approach. Great results.

grow with us

Adapt to change and grow for the future.

Featured team

We're the People & Development team and we'd like to welcome you to our brilliant careers page. As you can see from the list of companies on the Join Us page, there are many different types of businesses that form our organisation and we look for everything from Runners to Buyers, from Accountants to Managing Directors of international retail businesses. It's important to us that we have a group of companies that is truly creative, commercially successful and also has a socially-responsible heart that we can all be proud of. A huge part of that is finding people to work with us who share our values and are truly passionate about food and the Jamie Oliver brand. We love coming to work each day and we hope that everyone who joins us will feel the same passion and excitement. We hope that you enjoy browsing the site, finding out a bit more about what it's like to work for us and looking at our exciting new vacancies. Happy job hunting!!



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