Jamie’s strategy to combat childhood obesity

Jamie’s recommendations for the UK government’s Childhood Obesity Strategy

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Hi guys,

After months of campaigning, I’m delighted the UK Government has announced that a sugary drinks tax will be introduced in the UK in 2018.

The tax will generate half a billion pounds that will go straight into our schools, invested into sports and breakfast clubs. I believe that it will reduce consumption, as it has done in other countries, and more importantly, it will force the industry to reformulate more quickly.

This step is so symbolic because it shows that the Government finally believe that enough is enough. Sugary sweetened drinks are the single largest source of sugar in our children’s diets, and child health must come first.

Off the back of this bold move there are, of course, other measures that must be put in place to protect the health of our future generations. I've been working on my own plan to help tackle the UK's childhood obesity problem, which I’ve shared with the Prime Minister. He is writing the Government's much-anticipated obesity strategy as we speak, and I hope that he will take more bold actions, which we so urgently need to give our kids a healthier, happier future.

Jamie O


Where does the sugary drinks tax go?

Jamie’s restaurants are self-imposing a levy of 10p on all non-alcoholic soft drinks with added sugar

The money raised by Jamie’s in-restaurant sugar levy will directly fund food education for children and similar health initiatives. This Children’s Health Fund, as we’ve named it, will be supported and administered by the charity Sustain. Formed in 1999, Sustain is the alliance for better food and farming.

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