Jamie’s strategy to combat childhood obesity

Jamie’s Sugar Rush
If you have watched the documentary JAMIE’S SUGAR RUSH you will know that I have spent the past year travelling the world and finding out a lot more about the effects that eating too much sugar can have on our health. Global obesity figures are now soaring and currently there are 42 million children under five who are obese or overweight. This figure will rise to 60 million by 2020 if we don’t do something urgently to turn the tide.

In the UK we have been lobbying our Government to introduce a strong and robust multi-sectorial Childhood Obesity Strategy.

Wherever you live in the world you should contact your president, prime minister or health minister and ask them what your government is going to do to protect the next generation.

We will be working throughout 2016 asking governments and global policy-making bodies to make child nutrition a top priority.

Our children deserve a healthier and happier future. Jamie Oliver

Where does the sugary drinks tax go?

Jamie’s restaurants are self-imposing a levy of 10p on all non-alcoholic soft drinks with added sugar

The money raised by Jamie’s in-restaurant sugar levy will directly fund food education for children and similar health initiatives. This Children’s Health Fund, as we’ve named it, will be supported and administered by the charity Sustain. Formed in 1999, Sustain is the alliance for better food and farming.