Tip & tricks for making the most of your store cupboard

Making your own soda bread is so easy! With wholemeal flour in the mix, you’ll get a more sustained level of energy, helping you feel fuller for longer.

Stock up your morning store-cupboard by making a batch of Jools’ gorgeous granola. You can throw whatever nuts and seeds you’ve got into the mix, ready to enjoy with fruit or yoghurt, or just sprinkle over porridge.

Get into the habit of batch cooking at the weekend, so you can divide everything into portions then label, cool and freeze them for the week. Give my mate Kerryann’s chilli con veggie a go to get started.

Brilliant beans are a fantastic source of protein, and little black beans take the crown for the highest amount. Embrace them in your cooking – you can count 80g of beans or pulses as one portion of your 5-a-day.

If you’ve got a tin of chickpeas lurking at the back of your cupboard, put it to good use by making a batch of houmous. Served with a selection of crunchy veg, it makes a delicious and nutritious snack.

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