Spring greens recipes - plate of green mac n cheese with knife and fork

Here’s a delicious list of spring greens recipes that make use of this tasty cabbage in loads of different ways. For midweek lunches or quick-fix dinners, why not try a 15-minute sausage gnocchi with a side of epic greens, a speedy veggie noodle dish or sweet potato curry with shredded greens. Or if you’re after a recipe for the weekend, poached chicken with seasonal veg, family-friendly super greens cannelloni or Jamie’s version of a Brazilian feijoada are all worthy candidates. Whether it’s pasta, risotto or gnocchi, soups and stews or simple sides, we’re arming you with the tools to spring into action and into the kitchen.


Celebrate the turn of the season with Jamie’s elegant spring greens ravioli. Smashed new potatoes team up with wilted, chopped spring greens, plus garlic, lemon, Parmesan and pecorino to form a filling fit for any dinner party menu. This delicate dish proves that if you show a little love to humble young cabbage, you can turn it into something really special.

Probably the greenest recipe ever? Spring greens (or any greens you fancy!) are ideal for cooking and blitzing up into a silky-smooth sauce, before adding to an oozy risotto base. It’s definitely got the wow factor.

Sumptuous greens are a perfect part of this 15-minute meal, but there’s no need to stop there! Transform this epic side into a main with some easy additions; think simply cooked white fish or pan-fried chicken, or go veggie by omitting the bacon from the greens and serving with a generous wedge of roasted squash or pumpkin.

A little love and preparation is needed to get this assembled and into the oven, but it’s so worth the effort – and you can speed up getting those cannelloni tubes filled with Jamie’s sandwich bag trick: simply pile the filling into a bag, snip off the corner and get filling! Try spring greens in the filling – it’ll add a sweet green note that will have your family and friends definitely coming back for seconds. 

Mirror the seasons by transforming this comforting winter greens gnocchi into a spring greens gnocchi in this speedy dinner fix! The 5 ingredients work super hard and deliver big on flavour. Gorgonzola is a punchy winter option, but you could try a milder cheese, like Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire or Cheddar, in the warmer months, which is also useful if you’re feeding little ones. 

This spring greens recipe from Anna Jones is quick to get on the table, uses a classic combo of flavours (a spring riff on the classic Neapolitan aglio e olio) and comes together in the time it takes to cook the pasta. Give this a go for a satisfying midweek meal.

Mac ’n’ cheese, with extra green oomph? Yes, please! Broccoli is the leading performer here, with spring greens providing the sweet back-up notes. Check out Jamie’s brilliant tips for easy swaps and how to boost your breadcrumbs for an extra-special topping. 


A poached chicken is a wonderful thing that can be celebrated all year round, swapping in different veg according to the season. Spring greens add a sweet and light flavour to the broth in springtime, and you can try baby chard, spinach and sprouting broccoli, too. Swap in courgettes and Swiss chard in summer, parsnips and kale in autumn, and Brussels sprouts and cabbages in winter.

Embrace the green with this simple but tasty soup. Spring greens make a fantastic swap for the spinach here, and are in season from April to June, but you can easily tailor this versatile soup year round with winter greens or even frozen veg.

This Brazilian feijoada recipe from the wonderful chef and Jamie’s dear friend Santos Almir is a proper celebration of pork and beans. Cooked slowly over 3 hours, it’s a proper labour of love and is both indulgent and comforting. Spring greens are served alongside, providing a vivid splash of colour and earthy contrast to the rich feijoada.

Minestrone has flexibility at its heart. You can switch up the beans, the pasta shape, the base veg, and of course, the greens. A lighter version could include spring greens, fennel and spring onions.


Looking for a quick side dish that celebrates spring veg? Try Jamie’s lemony spring greens recipe, which heroes the importance of a good dressing. The lemon zest, juice and extra virgin olive oil totally transform this veg into something special. Lemon and greens are best flavour friends, after all!

Jamie’s delicious side dish takes centre-stage with a surprising blackberry and fennel seed dressing. A great spring greens recipe that’s beautiful served at room temperature.

Want a fantastic vegan curry packed full of spices, with a side of stir-fried spring greens? Give this one a go. By quickly stir-frying the greens in garlic, chilli and cumin oil, you’re getting a bit of a crunch as well as a flavour punch that makes the perfect partner for the mellow curry.

We love this tasty little number from Everyday Super Food. Spring greens, juicy chicken, couscous and houmous – nourishing and totally moreish.

Looking for some inspiration for how to use spring greens? Jamie has teamed up with Tesco to bring you three ways to enjoy spring greens – that all happen to be vegetarian. Watch Jamie cook up speedy veggie noodles, simple veggie curry and a spring bean soup.


What are spring greens?

Spring greens are the first young cabbages of the year, picked while their leaves are tender and delicate.

When are spring greens in season?

Spring greens come into season from April to June.

How to cook spring greens

Spring greens can be cooked in the same way as spinach and are often steamed, stir-fried, sautéed, or wilted into stews and sauces. Large leaves can also be stuffed or used as wraps. Simply trim and slice up the leaves, embracing the whole vegetable by thinly slicing up the sweet stalk, too. Cook in a pan of boiling water for 3 to 4 minutes or stir-fry in a hot pan with a splash of oil, until tender, but still bright green in colour, for some delicious sides or stews. Or sauté over a medium heat until soft, with other green veggies, if you like, for fillings for cannelloni, ravioli, or gratins.

How to store spring greens

Wrap them in damp kitchen paper, keep them in the fridge and use within a few days.

What are the health benefits of spring greens?

Spring greens are packed with nutrients. They are a source of potassium, for muscle function; fibre, which is super-important in keeping our digestive systems happy; and iron for making red blood cells and preventing tiredness and fatigue. Spring greens are high in vitamin C and folic acid, which we need for immune function.