Christmas cocktails with a cinnamon stick and lemon slice

It quite literally wouldn’t be a merry Christmas without some wonderful cocktails.

Somehow they take a backseat throughout all the worrying about turkey cooking times and hoovering up pine needles, but Christmas drinks should be about more than some discount bubbly at the supermarket. Although that’s great too. Here are some clever ideas for cocktails to get your party off to a flying start.

Christmas is a time to let loose the creativity in the drinks department. Whether it’s an epic chocolate eggnog, a wonderful hot buttered rum after a winter walk, or that old classic mulled wine, there is no feeling in the world like relaxing, feet up in front of the fire with a drink during Christmas.

And then there’s the parties. In my house it was always gin and tonics, stubby beers and the odd glass of sherry if we were going to be eating something later. But not this year. From winter daiquiris to Pimped-up Prosecco to spiced pomegranate-infused gin via a Treacle cocktail we’ve got everything – even an alcohol-free Mulled pear and ginger drink for the kids.

If those don’t tickle your fancy, try the amazing Christmas cocktails below for your Christmas party – all can be made in advance or knocked up in a matter of seconds, and they will make your party the toast of Christmas.

Kitsch is cool, so a whacking great punchbowl at a party must be too. And when it tastes this good, everyone will be happy.


Basically an apple crumble in a glass, this is a great winter cocktail and so easy to knock out quickly at parties.


Even if you’re not drinking you can still celebrate with a delicious party drink. This elderflower lemonade looks the part and tastes delicious


This would be a fantastic way to kick-start a dinner party – this bittersweet cocktail is given a lift by some cheeky bubbles.


For something a little sweeter but still warming and festive, this mulled cider is delicious. Just make sure you use a good scrumpy cider to get the best out of it.


This festive red bellini uses strawberries instead of peaches. It’s easy to prepare in advance of the party – just make the purée beforehand and top with Prosecco as guests arrive.


There is no other drink that so sums up Christmas – the smell of the wine and the spices, the feel of the warm glass, the sweet aromatic flavour. Christmas only starts once the mulled wine is on the stove.