New Year's cocktails champaign being poured into glass

It comes around so fast doesn't it? I may not be ready for the change of year, but I am ready to celebrate it, because I've my party planned down to the tablecloth... which will probably have to be plastic.

New Year is a great time to let you hair down and enjoy one last party before the relative (or sometimes total) sobriety of January. So you want to make sure that you have fun and don’t spend the whole time pouring drinks and running to and from the oven every time the sausage rolls think they’re done.

So between Jamie and our lovely writer Ren we’ve got all the food sorted in advance with their articles on finger food and ideas to prepare in advance. Now I just need to sort out the drinks. As a beer lover there will be plenty of that in the fridge (make sure it gets a few hours in there to really cool down) but I’ve learnt the hard way that not everyone wants the latest Belgian-style single-hopped tripel made with Champagne yeast, so I’ve got some bellini purées lined up for when friends arrive (hopefully they are bringing the Prosecco!), a simple stunning berry and rosemary gin fizz for when people are in the party mood and, if it gets that far, Bloody Marys (with bacon garnish!) for the morning.

There’s something for everyone – even the designated drivers. Happy New Year all!

Sometimes the original is best, and this fruity Prosecco cocktail makes a fantastic party drink. Just add the peach purée before the guests arrive, then top them up as they do!


We’ve added a sparkle to the classic negroni. It’s still a great Italian aperitif, but made all the more exciting with a bit of fizz.


It’s not a party without a punch bowl, and this festive cocktail is great for winter with it’s clementine and cherry flavours and spiced finish. We’ve served this seasonal sensation in a jug, but you don’t have to!


Going sober doesn’t mean you can’t have great drinks! This delicious little cocktail is alcohol free and still as sophisticated and delicious, so if you’re driving home you won’t get bored.


Using strawberry in a bellini is a lovely twist on the traditional Italian cocktail, and gives it a more festive feel. It’s still the sixth day of Christmas after all.


With dark fruits and a hit of rosemary, this is a complex but delicious cocktail that will really impress your friends on arrival.


Another great way to get the party started is this cocktail of Prosecco and Cognac. Sweet and surprising, it will certainly break the ice.


Not to be outdone by all these Prosecco cocktails, pomegranate is a brilliant addition to Champagne because it’s sweet with a slightly dry finish.


This cocktail couldn’t be easier to knock up, which is lucky because you will have people lining up for more. It’s refreshing, light and aromatic.


We’d never recommend a drink with breakfast, but if we did we’d go for this one. Famous for its (probably false) role as a hangover cure, it still can help take the edge off if you’ve overindulged…