seasonal fruit flat lay of berries and water droplets

Summer is here! And markets are fit-to-burst with gorgeous seasonal produce. Cooking with what’s in season is an absolute joy in June, so we’re championing a few seasonal stars and showing you some of the best ways to enjoy them.

Creamy broad beans, sweet berries and bright radishes are just some of the ingredients in their prime at this time of year. Get your fill of all this lovely produce with our roundup of June’s seasonal ingredients and recipes.


Creamy and tender broad beans are a true taste of the warmer months. They freeze incredibly well, so grab them while you can and store them in the freezer for incredible summer flavour all year round. Blitz with crème fraîche, lemon and dill for a genius last-minute snack, or marinate them in white wine and a little vinegar for a ‘drunken’ broad bean salad, perfect for a dinner party starter.

A simple bruschetta recipe with tender broad beans and wild fennel, this dish is utterly delicious, versatile and on the table in 15 minutes.


Nothing says British summer like strawberries and raspberries, although we shouldn’t forget other beautiful seasonal fruits like gooseberries and blueberries, which are at their best in June, too. Gooseberry jam or blueberry and yoghurt breakfast doughnuts are two gorgeous ways to make the most of summer berries. For a delicious mix of two British summer staples, try this classic cobbler recipe – it’s a guaranteed hit!

Summer desserts don’t get much better than this fruity little five-ingredient number. Sweet meringue, juicy berries and velvety ice cream, finished with shavings of chocolate make an irresistible combo here – it’s so elegant and super-quick to whip together.

Any time you have strawberries on the turn, make this delicious dessert. The delicate flavours of the sweet almond topping, that classic summer tipple and sweet berries are an absolute joy to eat. Just add a dollop of vanilla ice cream. 


Stone fruits really come into their own around now, with apricots being one of the best of British. In season from May to September, apricots are absolutely delicious in anything from sauces and stuffings to cakes and puddings. Choose fruits with relatively firm flesh for the best flavour.  

This delicious dessert is just as impressive as a soufflé, but without the faff. Topped with apricots, and dusted with icing sugar and hazelnuts, the combination of flavours and textures is out of this world! They’re best made individually and served warm.


Bright, peppery radishes are so versatile – sitting as comfortably in a salad as they do in a traybake. Dress them with a little vinegar for a quick and moreish pickle; or slice them thinly and toss with leaves to add a splash of white and pink to your salads. This simple traybake recipe makes the most of June’s seasonal bounty, using runner beans (also coming into season in June) and courgette for an easy midweek meal.

Crunchy, zesty and vibrant, this radish pickle is the perfect addition to your curry spread. With chilli, ginger, toasted cumin and tangy lime, it complements spicy dishes perfectly.


The heady scent of ripe tomatoes on the vine is one of the unmistakable smells of summer. And they are just so versatile. Whether used to make fresh pasta sauces or to top pizzas; roasted in the oven with herbs; or enjoyed fresh with cheese and basil; they are an absolute treat. Although found in supermarkets all year round, they’re at their juicy best from June to October in the UK. And any that aren’t quite soft enough to eat can be ripened on a sunny windowsill.

The mix of sweet summer tomatoes, tangy goat’s cheese and fragrant herbs is an absolute winner in this lovely little starter. It’s so simple to prepare yet over-delivers on flavour – serve it up at your next barbecue and see it gone in 60 seconds!


Courgettes are a British summer staple, and are at their peak in mid- to late-summer. They are usually dark green in colour, but look out for yellow or white ones to pep up your summer dishes. Their delicate flavour can be enjoyed in so many ways – grilled, roasted, fried – and our recipes really make the most of them. 

Courgettes slow-cooked until sticky and caramelised are the star of the show in this delicious pasta. With pine nuts, a kick of chilli and two types of cheese, it’s utterly divine – one you’re sure to return to again and again.


There’s more to cucumber than salad! The mild flavour makes them a great vehicle for stronger flavours, and they can be pickled, made into a chilled soup or used to garnish curries. However you enjoy it, it’s an essential summer ingredient.

When the temperature rises, whip up this delicious, refreshing soup. Creamy yet zingy with lemon, it really celebrates the flavour of cucumber. Great either enjoyed straight from the fridge, or packaged up in a Thermos for a picnic. 

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