A bowl of guacamole, a great snack for kids

The right snack can be a nutritious way to fuel your body and keep you energised between mealtimes.

The best snacks are full of nutritious goodness, simple to make and taste great. And if they count towards one of your 5-a-day, even better! From vibrant dips and homemade crisps to sweet treats perfect for the weekend, check out our quick and easy snack recipes below for some inspiration.

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Use tinned or jarred chickpeas to make your own houmous. This recipe uses natural yoghurt and a pinch of cayenne pepper for a lighter version with a bit of a kick.

You can enjoy these savoury sweet potato muffins warm from the oven at any time of the day.

Roasting kale gives it a delicious crunch. Have a go with different seasonings and you’ll never look back.

Flavoured with cinnamon, cocoa and vanilla, these bite-sized balls are a tasty way to get dried fruit and nuts into kids (and adults too!). A fun one to make with the little ones.

You can’t beat homemade guacamole, full of fresh coriander, chilli and lime – this classic dip takes just 10 minutes to make.

Pittas can be stuffed with pretty much anything – kick off with this crunchy carrot filling, then get creative with your own flavour combos.

With a herby mushroom stuffing wrapped in golden puff pastry, these vegan rolls are a magnificent meat-free alternative to a classic. Be generous with the filling, it’s so good!

Homemade crisps are a great way to get veg into your day. With no oil and no fuss, they’re much easier to make than you think.

Enjoy the familiar taste of apple crumble in cookie form. This five-ingredient recipe is a great little bake to do with kids at the weekend.

Pea and mint are the best flavour friends. They come together in this vibrant green dip that’s perfect for dunking crunchy veg or homemade crisps.

This is such a deliciously unusual way to eat veg. Carrots baked in crispy pastry, with a punchy harissa yoghurt for dipping – what more could you want?

This fruit salad recipe is as simple as it gets. Slice up fresh or tinned fruit, add a dollop of yoghurt, a drizzle of honey and a handful of nuts or seeds, and dig in.

Full of fresh flavours, these rainbow salad wraps are guaranteed to brighten up your day. You can use whatever veg is in season, and the kids will love helping to make them.

Buttery and crumbly, this quick and easy flapjack biscuit recipe embraces all those wonderful store-cupboard ingredients. Delicious dunked into a cuppa at the weekend.


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