Mexican bean wrap on a blue plate, a perfect work from home lunch

Making the time to have a lunch that’s packed with flavour and nutrients is really important, even when you’re working from home. Downing tools and heading to the kitchen will give you a much-needed break and a delicious meal can bring a bit of excitement to your 9 to 5.

From wraps and baps to salads and soups, these workday lunches are fresh, fast, and make the most of what you’ve got. Here are some brilliant working-from-home lunch ideas to get you inspired.

Baps and wraps

Sandwiches are a regular on the lunchtime scene – they’re super-easy to make and the possibilities for incredible fillings are endless when the contents of your fridge are ripe for the picking! Try mixing it up with a Mexican-inspired bean wrap, or rustle up a quick bap with marinated chicken and a quick homemade coleslaw. Quesadillas are an amazing vehicle for leftovers – crispy on the outside and oozy on the inside, they’re always a winner.






Things on toast

Piling up toast with tasty toppings is a tried-and-tested quick fix for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Get creative with the classics: have a go at posh beans on toast, personalise your smashed avo and rye, and try out new flavour combos for cheese  – anything goes!






Speedy soups

Having a couple of quick soup recipes up your sleeve enables you to easily pack veg into your lunchtimes. Whether it’s a classic minestrone or a vibrant tomato soup, a basic soup recipe is fully flexible and perfect for using up leftovers or adapting to whatever you’ve got. Make a batch at the beginning of the week and it’ll be yours to enjoy for days.







If you’re in need of a fast and filling lunch, eggs are your friends. A basic omelette is quick, easy and versatile – try adding spices for Indian-inspired eggs, or throwing in tomato and basil for a hit of fresh flavour. And don’t forget frittatas – you can take whatever you have in the fridge, in particular, any cooked veg and meat. Or use frozen veg and any cheese you can get your hands on.






Simple salads

A vibrant salad is the best way to add a healthy dose of veg to your working lunch and celebrate fresh, seasonal produce. Mix-and-match different textures and flavours – roast enough veggies to last you the week, choose a grain mix as your base or bake some crunchy croutons with leftover bread. Make a quick dressing in a jam jar that you can keep in the fridge and your salad will be something to really get excited about.