an array of Valentine's Day cocktails with ice and fruit garnishes

Kick off your romantic meal with our stunning selection of Valentine’s Day cocktails.

Whether you’re planning a romantic dinner for two or toasting the single life with your pals, shake up one of our sophisticated Valentine’s Day cocktails, to guarantee a fun night in. From elegant Bellinis to indulgent Martinis, our tasty tipples will make you feel the love.

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Could there be a more appropriately named cocktail for the occasion?! Il Valentino is a super-easy, whisky-based cocktail. Shaken with orange, Martini Rosso and mirto liqueur, it’s a beautiful tipple for a romantic night in.

Putting a simple twist on the classic mimosa, we’ve used blood orange juice to give this vibrant cocktail a bold, fresh flavour – you’ll never want to use the regular stuff again! Why not get the day off to a good start and serve with a Valentine’s Day breakfast? The two go hand-in-hand… 

A romantic twist on a classic negroni, this Valentine’s Day cocktail will get you in the mood. Infuse the pink pepper with the alcohol for as long as you can to give a glorious kick that makes a little bit of forward planning so worth it. 

Our Rossini is a gorgeous red twist on a classic Bellini, using strawberries instead of peaches to make the ultimate Valentine’s Day cocktail. Simply blend hulled strawberries with sugar and lemon juice to make the fruity syrup, then top with your favourite fizz.

ESPRESSO MARTINIClassic espresso martini cocktail recipe

Garnished with a few coffee beans, the espresso Martini is perfect for a romantic evening in. Not into desserts? These cocktails are a brilliant alternative. Make sure you shake the mixture properly to guarantee a foamy top and enjoy after dinner for an elegant end to the evening.

A sophisticated number, our Little tickle cocktail was named for the way it tickles your taste buds. It gives a gorgeous Parma violet flavour and packs a serious punch with both vodka and gin in the mix.

Cachaça, zingy lime juice and refreshing passion fruit – the ultimate trio to liven things up! This tropical number can be thrown together in minutes and looks seriously impressive – ideal for a pre-dinner Valentine’s Day cocktail.

This seasonal cocktail recipe is brimming with Valentine’s Day joy. If you’ve got the oven on for dinner, pop in a stick of rhubarb to soften for this pretty British twist on a Prosecco cocktail. With a lovely pink colour and tangy rhubarb making it so moreish, it’ll be a new favourite!

Mix Martini Bianco with Prosecco, a squeeze of lime and fresh mint to garnish, and you have yourself a classier version of a mojito – delicious!

Whisky lovers, this is the cocktail you’ve been waiting for. It’s an outrageously good twist on the old classic, adding maple syrup for a little sweetness and rooibos tea (trust us) to really take it up a notch.

A white Russian makes a gorgeous after-dinner cocktail, with the simple, smooth mix of vodka, coffee liqueur and cream making it (almost) too easy to drink. Shake the ingredients together to make sure it’s super cold for serving — it’s the secret to a perfect white Russian.

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