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When the full heat of summer hits, there’s nothing better than a super-juicy watermelon to cool down. And, in fact, when the British weather has a wobble, there’s nothing better than a joyful watermelon to re-conjure the spirit of summer!

So, no matter what colour the skies, tuck into these glorious watermelon dishes and feel a burst of sunshine. Watermelon is aptly named because it’s 92% water by weight, so it’s a great choice if you want to stay hydrated, too.


The crisp radishes, fresh mint and chilli hum from the dressing make this dish incredible. It’s a colourful jumble of summer textures and flavours.

Stir-fried prawns in a salad with mint, chilli, baby leaf spinach, chunks of watermelon and toasted nuts. Delicious!

Salty halloumi and olives come together in this Greek-style bread salad, and the whole mix is beautifully sweetened by the pomegranate and walnut dressing. It’s definitely worth giving this gorgeous dish a go.

A classic combo: the creamy saltiness of feta cheese is a great partner to the sweet and juicy melon. Add a few finely sliced red onions and you’ve got a flavour explosion!

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How do you improve the gorgeous melon flavour? Add a dash of rum! This colourful cocktail is an instant summer hit, and incredibly easy to make.

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