Fruit and cheese pairing halloumi skewers

Whether you’re putting together a grazing board or simply looking to experiment with new flavours, pairing fruit and cheese is a great place to start.

It’s all about those complementary flavours and textures – think delicate slices of pear with punchy Stilton or buttery Brie, red grapes with rich Camembert, or ripe tomatoes with creamy mozzarella. Fresh watermelon pairs perfectly with salty feta, grilled peaches are fantastic alongside halloumi or burrata, and crisp apples are great with a mature Cheddar. 

Get creative with your next cheeseboard or check out our fruit and cheese pairing recipes below – from comforting pies and speedy pizzas, to elegant salads and skewers, we’ve got plenty of easy ideas for you to try. 


Sweet heirloom tomatoes, tangy raspberries and creamy burrata – this simple salad screams summer. Swap the burrata for buffalo mozzarella cheese or bocconcini, if you fancy. Properly easy to throw together, you’ll only need six ingredients and it’s ready in just 10 minutes. 

Mozzarella and warm grapes are a joy on top of this quick homemade pizza – don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! You could also use a hard Italian cheese, like pecorino or Parmesan, or even ricotta with a hit of vanilla sugar if you fancy going down the dessert route. Give it a go – you won’t regret it! 

Gorgeously fragrant ripe figs and creamy mozzarella are a great combo – then add a bit of salty Parma ham and it’s out of this world! If you don’t fancy canapés, you can transform these little bites of heaven into the most delicious salad. Creamy, sweet and salty, it’s the whole package.  


Peaches are great summer fare – they’re in season from July through to September, which means they’re perfect for grilling on the barbecue. Sweet, juicy and beautifully charred, they pair perfectly with chunks of salty halloumi here. Feel free to swap in ripe apricots, if you like – they’d work a treat.


Fresh grapes and cheese are a killer combo on a grazing board, but this traybake takes them up a notch. With beautifully roasted sweet-sour grapes, torn-up Tunworth and chunks of Westcombe Cheddar, it’s a little bit posh and sure to go down a treat. Swap in Camembert if you can’t get hold of Tunworth, and any mature Cheddar would work perfectly. 


Refreshing watermelon and salty feta is such a classic duo. Topped with baby mint leaves and peppery radish rounds, this simple salad is a thing of beauty. Ready in under 20 minutes and you’ll only need 5 ingredients, so it’s perfect for rustling up on a hot summer’s day. 


If you’re after a good blue cheese and don’t fancy Stilton, British Stichelton is out-of-this-world delicious. It’s super-creamy and rich, but mellower in flavour than many other blues and melts wonderfully, so it’s perfect for a burger. Topped with a fresh apple salad, this is something special.

Punchy blue cheese works so well with delicate pear here. Oozy, unctuous and super-easy to throw together, this gnocchi dish is comfort food at its finest. Plus, it’s on the table in just 25 minutes and you’ll only need a handful of ingredients. Dinner for two, sorted.


Salty Lancashire cheese and sweet apples make the most outrageous pie filling. Support British cheesemakers by using Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire – it’s one of the best cheeses around for melting. If you’re after the perfect apple pairing, go for a crisp one with a hint of sweetness – think Royal Gala, Golden Russet or Cox.


Colwick is a fresh cheese, similar to cream cheese in texture but more tangy, and is fantastic paired with grilled peaches. If you can’t source Colwick cheese, simply swap in torn-up mozzarella, feta, ricotta or a mild goat’s cheese – give it a go and see where you end up. 

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